Since July 2023, approximately 1,000 young individuals have joined the Enterprise Incubator Foundation’s Wave Youth Initiative. The initiative aims to form a conscientious generation empowered to shape Armenia’s future according to their aspirations.

The initiative seeks to identify the potential and interests of young people aged 12 to 29 across all regions of the Republic of Armenia and Yerevan. It provides platforms such as clubs, virtual discussions, and interactive meetings for self-organization and expression. Today, we spotlight Anahit Hakobyan and Aren Derdzyan, two active volunteers of the Wave initiative. 


13-year-old Anahit Hakobyan from Vanadzor became involved with the Wave initiative through the Enterprise Incubator Foundation’s Vanadzor Technology Center.

“I had just started volunteering and decided to join the volunteer team at VTC. Then, I filled out the application to volunteer for the Wave initiative (around the beginning of July). That’s how I became part of one of the most wonderful volunteering initiatives. My first significant volunteering experience was at the Late Vardavar camp.”

It’s worth noting that the Late Vardavar educational camp will be held again this year! It’s a 5-day program where participants collaborate on exciting projects. If you’d like to join, the application is available here.

Anahit states that the Wave initiative has significantly impacted her life, helping her find good friends.

“I used to be an introvert. Thanks to Wave, I became more extroverted and started volunteering more and more. I stepped out of my comfort zone and got to know and communicate with the most wonderful people.”

Anahit associates Wave with a wonderful family, providing support in all situations.

“It means a lot for me that at this age I was invited to the podcast. It is also very important for me that I present Wave in various seminars. With another volunteer, we talk about media literacy and digital damage at schools.”


17-year-old Aren Derdzyan, also from Vanadzor, points out that the Wave initiative has provided him with numerous opportunities, enabling him to make friends from different regions of Armenia.

“I first learned about Wave at the EIF’s Gyumri Technology Center during an event dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. I had just started volunteering, and I filled out the application (as far as I remember, I was the first to register). Then I met the first members of Wave in Vanadzor. We underwent an interesting test together and communicated. Later, our second meeting was held, during which we discussed topics related to “Late Vardavar” and distributed roles (my role was team support). This marked my initial volunteering experience with Wave.”

Aren associates Wave with someone friendly, extroverted, purposeful, and charismatic, leading an active life and spending a lot of time on social networks.

“In the framework of Wave, together with Monika, we developed the idea of a Psychology club, which is now being implemented. We are looking forward to having our club where everyone interested in psychology can gather, as we have many topics to discuss and share with them.”


The Wave initiative, initiated by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, offers young individuals opportunities to join various clubs aimed at skill development, networking, and volunteering. With values such as honesty, justice, courage, initiative, persistence, responsibility, and caring at its core, the initiative fosters community engagement and personal growth.

Currently, the initiative hosts 10 clubs covering a wide range of interests, including English, Programming, Media, Non-Formal Education, Space Explorers, Artificial Intelligence, Game Creation, Book Lovers, Olympico, Startups and Entrepreneurship.