“A very important idea that we put into the Black Box is the willingness of representatives from different fields to collaborate, share knowledge and experience, and create a vision of a future where we all want to live. We aim to answer the question, ‘How do we want to live?'” said Bella Harutyunyan, the Manager of the Enterprise Incubator Foundation’s Gyumri Technology Center (GTC).

The “Black Box” interdisciplinary incubation laboratory is facilitated by the EIF GTC in conjunction with “GALIQUE Art Space“. It places significant emphasis on institutional collaboration with engineering, technological, cultural, and artistic institutions. This collaborative approach aims to facilitate the realization of multimedia projects that integrate art, science, and technologies.

To conduct various scientific research, Black Box collaborates with the Advanced Research Center, which is funded by USAID and implemented by Enterprise Incubator Foundation, in cooperation with the Engineering Association, National Instruments, and Synopsys. 

The goal of the Advanced Research Center is to enhance the competitiveness of Armenia’s engineering sector in the global market by supporting research, development, and commercialization, and by consolidating the efforts of international companies, leading US universities, and Armenia’s engineering cluster.

Incubation programs in Black Box aim to develop ideas and their prototypes, form institutional communities, and promote interdisciplinary collaborations. The lab is more than just a physical space; it is a dynamic ecosystem designed for multidisciplinary idea generation, engineering projects, artistic works, scientific research, and prototyping.

During the opening event of the Black Box laboratory at the GTC, a photo exhibition titled “How do you want to live?” was presented,  showcasing the works of Bella Harutyunyan and German photographer Ralf Bäcker. Additionally, a performance titled Camera Obscura by Gurgen Ginosyan and Armen Ter-Mkrtchyan was featured.

Interdisciplinary artist Gohar Sargsyan presented her project “Meditation with 5 elements,” created within the framework of the Black Box program. This multimedia installation includes audio and visual elements, as well as performative and tangible objects.

“The project provides an opportunity to connect with the five elements of nature through human senses, emotions, and creative imagination. Its goal is to develop visitors’ sense of responsibility towards nature and the environment, encouraging them to value and preserve natural elements,” said Gohar Sargsyan.

An interdisciplinary discussion, titled Oda Talk, involved representatives from science, art, craft, and technology fields. Participants discussed the potential for sectoral cooperation and the future vision for the development of Black Box.