In recent years, Armenia has been striving to become a global center for innovative engineering solutions, and the Engineering City is one of the most ambitious projects in this direction.

Today we will talk about YEA Engineering, a resident company of the Engineering City, which produces high-quality engineering products, systems, and solutions.


“Now the directions are very diverse. The team employs about 45 specialists, not counting the production team. Everyone works in the Engineering City, about 85% of the team are engineers, we also have marketing and sales teams,” says Vigen Hovhannisyan, Business Development Manager at YEA Engineering.

YEA Engineering team

YEA Engineering has clients in France, Switzerland, Sweden, and other countries. Currently, they are taking steps to enter additional markets.

“We were one of the first companies in the Engineering City. We chose the Engineering City because it provides significant advantages, starting from the developed ecosystem. Besides us, there are about 20 engineering companies here that develop solutions in various directions: automotive industry, 5th generation cellular communication, microchip development, microelectronics, industrial internet of things (industrial IoT), development of radio-electronic systems and complexes, and more.

Very often, some projects are complex and multi-layered. In such cases, if one company cannot implement the entire project, it can confidently find a partner within Engineering City to help successfully complete the project through outsourcing or a joint venture,” says Vigen Hovhannisyan.

According to him, engineers, especially high-class engineers, are in fairly high demand worldwide. However, many young specialists prefer the rapidly developing software sector with more job opportunities. Engineering City tries to contribute to the development of the engineering sector through various educational programs, and YEA Engineering hires the best graduates from these programs.

YEA Engineering team

The laboratories in Engineering City are equipped with the latest high-value equipment, the cost of which is quite high. According to Vigen Hovhannisyan, many companies cannot afford such tools alone. Resident companies in Engineering City receive several advantages, including:

  • Free 500 sq.m. land for office construction,
  • Numerous shared equipment and shared-use laboratories for developing new solutions,
  • Availability of specialized staff,
  • A strong community of partner companies and specialists,
  • Continuously held networking events to discover new opportunities and connections.

“At the moment, we are considering the possibility of opening a branch in other countries. Now we have a branch in Germany. We see the future of our company in the Engineering City. As a resident, we have already started the construction of our building in this area,” says Vigen.

To companies that are considering the possibility of becoming a resident of the Engineering City, Vigen advises to study well the advantages they can get.

“I advise them to contact us and visit the Engineering City so that they can see with their own eyes what opportunities it gives. We are ready to help them get more closely acquainted with the available opportunities and make a decision,” says Vigen Hovhannisyan.

The Engineering City, created through the collaboration and participation of the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, the Government of Armenia, the World Bank, the Engineering Association, National Instruments, and private partners, aims to stimulate Armenia’s economic development, increase competitiveness, and stimulate new job opportunities.

You can get acquainted with the conditions and procedures for operating in the Engineering City and obtaining Resident status here.