The youth of the Syunik region now has the exciting opportunity to explore digital art, animation, and multimedia projects firsthand, as well as participate in various technological hackathons, seminars and workshops, thanks to the newly opened modern laboratory of creative technologies.

The “Co-creation lab” laboratory was established by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation in Sisian, Syunik region, with the support of USAID-funded Armenia Workforce Development Activity and UNICEF. 

The goal of the laboratory is to enhance the potential of local youth, providing a platform where young people can gain new skills and create digital products, aiming to contribute to the development of the Syunik marz. The USAID-funded ‘Armenia Workforce Development Activity’ and UNICEF have played important roles in supporting the establishment of the co-creation lab, demonstrating their commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in regions of Armenia. Through the support and partnership, a platform has been provided to young innovators and entrepreneurs to bring meaningful change and sustainable development in Armenia.

Thanks to the co-creation lab, young people in Syunik Province will have the opportunity to work in the fields of digital arts, animation, multimedia projects, moreover, they will have the opportunity to participate in technological hackathons, seminars, and workshops. The co-creation lab will be a hub to provide Syunik adolescents and young people with opportunities to get more skills and knowledge on 21st-century skills supporting their resilience. 

At the opening ceremony Silvia Mestroni, UNICEF Deputy Representative in Armenia, also spoke about the significance of the project and the collaboration to support Syunik, “This Co-Creation Lab in Sisian is an important locally-driven but nationally connected platform that brings together young people to unleash their potential and engage them in tackling community issues. When local communities, government, private sector and development partners work together, we can achieve what we all aspire to: helping young people become a force for positive change in Syunik and beyond.”

Bella Harutyunyan, the head of the Gyumri Technology Center by Enterprise Incubator Foundation, noted that this is the 2nd laboratory opened by the foundation, with the main goal of cultivating the potential of young people in the marz.

“This pioneering initiative has cultivated an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, innovators, and technologists, driving forward the region’s economic and social development. Building on this foundation, and with the continued support of USAID, and contribution from UNICEF, we have replicated this successful model in Sisian, Syunik region. This expansion aims to harness the untapped potential of local youth, fostering an environment where youth along with local businesses develop skills and build digital products, ultimately contributing to the broader development objectives of the Syunik region”, she noted. 

The opening ceremony also included discussions with invited speakers, and a panel discussion on “Innovation Potential in Syunik” was held, featuring presentations by representatives of international organizations. A scientific workshop for young people in the Syunik region followed the panel discussion.