Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC) and San Jose State University have recently started collaboration in the field of technological education.

The important collaboration contains exchange of expertise and ideas between the sides and includes visits and lectures by professors, students and establishment of long-term cooperation in the fields of research and education.

In the scope of the partnership, a group of 5 students and 2 professors from Yerevan State University Data Science for Business Master’s program will soon travel to San Jose State University to discuss their master theses and opportunities for future research collaboration with US professors.

Another important aspect of the collaboration is the development of a joint Master program, where the key elements are the Master projects curated by San Jose State University aimed at the development of research capacity in Armenia. The program will be elaborated by Yerevan State University professors.

The first result of the collaboration was recorded this March, when one of the visiting professors of San Jose State University visited Armenia and conducted courses for university students and wider audience, devoted to the importance of data in business and society in today’s world.