In the framework of “Empowering Regions through High-Tech” two-day forum, held in Gyumri this November, 5 best students of Gyumri Technology Centre (GTC), aged 13-16, received a unique chance to participate in a long-term online course on blockchain.

Implemented by Fasttrack R&D IVS, the course is taught by Danish specialist Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen via online teaching platform.

During the next 6 months, the participants of the e-learning course will get acquainted with the latest technologies, and have a unique chance to use obtained skills in practice while implementing programs and organizing courses for their peers.

GTC unites more than 200 young people at “Empowering Regions through High-Tech” forum

Promoting Regional Decentralization and development of science and technology in the regions is a long-term strategic goal of the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), and one successful case to mention was the 2nd “Empowering Regions through High-Tech” forum, held in November.