Gyumri Technology Center, the largest technology incubator in the region, is in the constant spotlight of its international partners, with the number of guests being hosted every month.    

One such delegation of business representatives from Germany visited the GTC on February 26.

The visit to Armenia was initiated as a result of the cooperation of the German Economic Union and Berlin-based the Commit company, and was funded by the German Ministry of Economy.

The members of the delegation discussed possible cooperation opportunities between the Armenian and German tech industries and met the brightest minds of Gyumri during the tour.

The guests also learned the history of the Gyumri Technology Center, which was established in 2013 by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, the RA Government and the World Bank. Currently, more than 25 tech companies operate in the center, with 200+ working professionals and more than 150 international clients.

French delegation visits GTC

It’s worthwhile to mention that the center contributes to transforming Gyumri into a regional and international high-tech center.