On December 16 the award ceremony of PhD Support Program, implemented by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation with the support of PMI Science, was held in Yerevan.

During the event, with the participation of PhD students and their supervisors, a round table discussion was held on the existing problems in the field of science and possible solutions.

In particular, issues related to the active involvement of youth in various fields of science, the necessary means for research and equipment, policymaking, were discussed.

The aim of the program is to enable young scientists from Armenian universities and research institutes to carry out their research and scientific projects by providing funding and support.

This year PhD Support Program was dedicated to the memory of the prominent young scientist Hrayr Azizbekyan.

10 PhD students received funding for research in the areas such as։ Mathematical modeling, Simulation modelling, Technology aided design of systems and experiments, Heating and heat transfer technologies, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Prototyping, Material Science, Analytical chemistry, Biomaterials (bioplastic, bio-ceramic, biopolymers), Aerosol Science, Toxicology, Applied and Experimental Physics, Applied mathematics, Machine learning.

From 2018 to date, 30 postgraduate students and 45 teams have been involved in the PhD Support Program and Faculty Research Funding Program, forming a unique scientific community, recording significant success in various fields. By joining this community, this year’s winners will also have the opportunity to participate in various events and collaborate with experienced professionals in the field.