ArevEn builds a system for cleaning and cooling the surface of PV modules. The technology behind the startup solves 2 major problems: cleaning the surface of solar panels from dust and dirt; cooling of solar panels and reduction of operating temperature.

According to Narek Badalyan, ArevEn’s Team lead, the product consists of a water pipe having holes through which the water is evenly distributed on the surface of the photoelectric module.

Narek Badalyan

“It also consists of a dust sensor, electronic control unit, and an electromagnetic water valve. The operation of the system is automated. Upon receiving the signal from the dust sensor, the electromagnetic valve opens the water flow and the PV module is cleaned automatically.

Our cleaning system can operate manually also using a remote control unit. With the use of this system a user can realize the cleaning of the PV station.  In this way, our technology allows us to periodically clean the PV modules and to increase the efficiency of the generation of electricity,” he notes.

The startup team members are the representatives of the research at the laboratory “Photovoltaic and semiconductor devices” of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA).

The research laboratory is headed by a highly experienced specialist in the field of solar energy systems DR., Prof. R. Vardanyan. The team members have strong background and achievements in the research of solar energy systems, as well as close contacts with the main research centers and universities in Europe and the USA.

Narek Badalyan explains that currently no similar devices are used in Armenia.

“The operating prototype is ready. Currently, it is important to organize the production and marketing of our technology. That is why participation in the CCTA program is highly important for the realization of our goals”, he notes, adding that with the help of the program, the team is planning to enter the Armenian and regional markets.

“I would definitely recommend all the startups to participate in the CCTA program as it will give a wide opportunity to achieve great achievements in the future”.

ArevEn’s team has a number of goals for the upcoming future, including:

  • creating a company
  • producing 5 pieces of an intelligent system for cleaning and cooling of PV panels’ surface.
  • training the specialists from the three regional Universities of National Polytechnic University of Armenia in Gyumri, Vanadzor and Kapan to install new cleaning systems and to become distributors in Armenia.
  • training installation specialists by organizing training for representatives of different regions of Armenia.
  • advertising the product in neighboring countries and expanding the market sale / licensing.
  • finalizing a robot cleaning the surface of solar panels and developing new models while maintaining a competitive advantage in the market.
  • and finally, selling 500+ products during the upcoming 1 year.


7 teams are crossing the final line of the 3rd acceleration batch of Climate Change Technology Accelerator program (CCTA), implemented by UNDP ImpactAIM Accelerator in partnership with Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center Foundation (ISTC). 


Kicked off in December 2020, Climate Change Technology Accelerator program, one of the leading accelerator programs devoted to climate change problem solutions, is working with selected startups to guide them through intensive training and mentorship. It is directed towards leading technology startups to become investment and market-ready.