The 2020 Artsakh War has changed the priorities of all Armenians, focusing on the desire to support the country and the need to improve all our capacities.

The lessons learned have led to the conclusion that the Armenian community needs comprehensive discussions and innovative solutions for defense, social security, foreign policy, economy, science and education.

In this context, EIF has launched a series of online talks titled Science and the State”. The discussions aim to connect the historical perspective, scientific knowledge and wisdom of individuals into vision and strategy for the future of Armenia.

Mariam Davtyan and Alvard Jivanyan, Professor of the Department of English Philology of YSU, Doctor of Philological Sciences.

The host of the talks is Ms. Mariam Davtyan, who has led one of the most innovative ecosystem development initiatives in Armenia for the last 4 years. According to her, the community needs to create a matrix that categorizes knowledge and finds emerging patterns in a complex environment. The approach to categorization is to remove ego and build solutions based on a variety of views.

As of the moment, 15 talks have been published featuring physicists, economists, poets, tech specialists, philologists and other vibrant minds of our society.

“The idea of the series was to create a platform for unanswered questions. More specifically, I hope, that the best minds of our society can help us clarify the current situation, making sense of our resources and mistakes. This initiative aims to accumulate viewpoints and knowledge in order to reveal solution patterns in the tremendous flow of information discussions and information”, notes Mariam Davtyan.

Mariam Davtyan and Aram Papoyan, physicist, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Corresponding Member of NAS of RA.

At some point, the team of Talks would accumulate the wisdom, knowledge and ideas that our speakers shared into one material for our auditorium.

You can watch all episodes of the program here.