The Enterprise Incubator Foundation continuously pursues improvement and greater accessibility of technological education in Armenia, particularly in the regions. One of the EIF initiatives aimed at that goal is the Technological School that the foundation has been organizing for teenagers at the Vanadzor Technology Center (VTC) for the last four years.

The duration of courses at the Technological School is 5 months, during which students learn programming, 3D modeling, graphic design, mathematics and logic, technical English, and teamwork.

Stella Nazaryan
Seryozha Nazaryan

Some of the students enrolled in the 2022 courses, which started in November, have been attending the Technological School since its inception. Among them are Stella and Seryozha Nazaryan.

The brother and sister have learned programming, 3D modeling and technical English, and now the siblings are certain they want to build careers in tech. They support each other through the learning process.

“It was very difficult for me at first, but I worked every day, sometimes for 4-5 hours a day, and learned programming languages. Now I’m even helping Stella,” Seryozha said.

He is confident in his skills and is building ambitious plans: he wants to launch his own startup.

Haykaram Harutyunyan
Alen Gevorgyan

Haykaram Harutyunyan and Alen Gevorgyan, who are attending the school for the first time, are also certain they want to pursue careers in IT and tech.The boys are learning Python, HTML/CSS, and technical English at the school.



Another student, 13-year-old Stepan Kyureghyan believes that the most important qualities are never giving up and thinking through all your actions. “I play chess, and it helped me develop these qualities, and I use them all the time, they are very helpful,” said Stepan. He has attended the Technological School courses for 2 years, learning different programming languages over time.

Karen Kosyan

According to another student, Karen Kosyan, the formula for success is simple.

Set goals and do everything you can to achieve them, also be able to admit you made a mistake but keep trying,” he said. “That way, success is unavoidable.”

“What matters is to know more today than I knew yesterday and to achieve all my goals through hard and smart work,” said 14-year-old Aram Amirkhanyan, who started attending the school in 2022.

Stepan Kyureghyan and Aram Amirkhanyan
Hayk Avalyan
Alen Karakashyan

Hayk Avalyan came to the school with a specific goal: he wants to realize his childhood dream of creating games. Alen Karakashyan has the same dream.The boys have been Technological School students for 4 years. Alen has a simple motto for success: you can do anything if you apply willpower and diligence.

Vahe Pluzyan

“I get up very early to get my programming work done,” he noted. One more Technological School “veteran,” Vahe Pluzyan also has a very clear purpose: he wants to become a web developer.

The Technological School at the VTC enables teenagers to learn different programming languages and gain knowledge and skills in different fields. At VTC, they create their own success formulas, take on challenges, and progress, armed with the belief in working smart.