The participants of the training courses, organized by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF)  in the framework of USAID-funded Armenia Workforce Development Activity, constantly create success stories. This time we present the success story of Erik Shahnazaryan.

21-year-old Erik is in his final year of studies in the Department of “Service” at Alaverdi State College, successfully combining both work and study․

He has participated in the training course on “Service culture and efficient communications’, organized by the EIF and the Vanadzor Technology Center (VTC) in the framework of Armenia Workforce Development Activity on the topics of “Service culture and effective communication”.

The course was aimed at improving the abilities of service and hospitality workers. Participants learned about customer communication strategies, principles and the importance of customer service.

Erik works as a guide and a waiter at the Zarni-Parni cave-fortress complex, located in Haghpat monastery complex at the western part of Lori marz . He learnt about the courses, held at VTC from his employer and decided to take part. He was sure he would gain new knowledge in the professional field through his participation in the course.

“Throughout the duration of the course, we have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for effectively strategizing hospitality programs. This newfound expertise will undoubtedly contribute to optimizing our work and maximizing profitability,” said Erik.

While speaking about the trainer, Erik expressed his admiration for her ability to deliver information with captivating quotes and illustrative examples. He emphasized her dedication to the subject matter’s importance and wholeheartedly encourage active participation among the participants.

“The knowledge obtained throughout the course enables us to meticulously plan and develop a future business model. It facilitates a comprehensive understanding of the sequential steps involved while allowing for the evaluation and prioritization of product quality. Additionally, it provides the necessary guidelines for effective communication with customers,” mentioned Erik.

Upon completing the course, Erik’s coursemates and teachers expressed willingness to learn from his experience and the knowledge he had acquired. With great delight, Erik shared his newfound expertise and skills, enthusiastically encouraging his friends to participate in the well-organized courses at Vanadzor Technology Center.

Erik places significant emphasis on regional development and views it as a prime motivation for his participation in the course. He highlighted the necessity for effective coordination in organizing events encompassing diverse programs involving the participation of youth from various regions.

“It is of utmost importance to place special focus on the service sector, ensuring a thorough representation of the region where young individuals can actively engage and possess the necessary knowledge and skills,” said Erik.

He considers it a top priority to comprehend the challenges, requirements, expectations and preferences of the residents in the region and community.

Currently, Erik Shahnazaryan is endeavoring to apply some of the acquired knowledge and skills from the course to his small business. Within the framework of his business, he offers handmade products, portraits, and wooden sculptures to tourists when they visit. He aspires to expand his business and firmly believes that he will attain new heights of success through determination and hard work.