Welcome to the My EIF series, where we dive into the incredible stories fueled by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) that are shaping Armenia’s tech scene.

In this blog, let’s unravel the journey of CyHub Armeniaa game-changer in cybersecurity that reflects EIF’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

CyHub: More Than a Project, It’s a Movement

CyHub Armenia is the main cybersecurity hub in Armenia, a joint initiative of IBM, CISCO, National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA), Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC), Yerevan Computer Research and Development Institute (YCRDI), Armenian Government, the World Bank and Enterprise Incubator Foundation. As the representatives of the initiative note, it’s not just a project; it’s a catalyst for change, a platform for startups, a link between academia and industry, and a buzzing hub for innovation in Armenia.

Building Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Experts

In a world where cybersecurity is crucial, CyHub goes beyond technicalities. It’s about empowering communities, raising public awareness, and securing a digital future for all. This journey unfolds through educational initiatives, community engagement, and a commitment to fostering a culture of cybersecurity excellence.

The hub aims to increase the competitiveness of the country’s economy by creating innovative solutions specialized in cybersecurity, as well as by facilitating the skills development for the preparation of qualified specialists.

Driving Innovation and Tech Impact

CyHub’s impact in fostering innovation and tech strides in cybersecurity is evident. Offering a range of courses, from basics to advanced, CyHub has engaged over 60 participants in standout courses like Hacking 101 and the free SOC Analyst course. This reflects CyHub’s commitment to diverse skill development.

The initiative doesn’t stop there. Cybersecurity Camps have drawn in over 100 enthusiasts, providing a gateway to deeper courses and creating a continuous learning vibe in cybersecurity education.

Community Connection

CyHub’s heartbeat is community building. Cyber meetups, known as Hackshabti, happen every Thursday, offering practical insights into cybersecurity. The Security BSides Yerevan conference, a first in the region, brought together 50 participants, fostering connections and knowledge exchange.

The “HacMan” annual Capture The Flag (CTF) event on November 17-18, 2023, was a testament to CyHub’s commitment to community and skill development. With 120 participants and awards for top-performing teams, it celebrated cybersecurity skills while creating a sense of community around shared interests.

CyHub is a journey of innovation, education, and empowerment shaping a future where cybersecurity is not a luxury but a common ground for all. Stay tuned for more in-depth insights into EIF’s projects and initiatives in upcoming articles!