Since July 2023, approximately 1,000 young individuals have joined the Enterprise Incubator Foundation’s Wave Youth Initiative. The initiative aims to form a conscientious generation empowered to shape Armenia’s future according to their aspirations.

The initiative seeks to identify the potential and interests of young people aged 12 to 29 across all regions of the Republic of Armenia and Yerevan. It provides platforms such as clubs, virtual discussions, and interactive meetings for self-organization and expression. Today, we spotlight Narek Ghevondyan and Mary Zakaryan, two active volunteers of the Wave initiative. 

Narek Ghevondyan: Embracing Wave’s Values for National Development

“Volunteering opens doors to a vast network of connections, which can be instrumental in achieving success in life,” says Narek Ghevondyan, a 22-year-old aspiring programmer from Armavir.

He actively volunteers at the Wave Media Club.

Narek, currently studying at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia, is pursuing an educational program at Synopsis Armenia. Alongside his academic pursuits, he serves in the church and teaches programming fundamentals at the Class 31 training center.

Outside of his professional engagements, Narek is an avid reader and enjoys playing football.

For Narek, the Wave Media Club is more than just a club; it’s a community. He values the club’s emphasis on national thinking and cherishes the friendships he has formed there. Narek associates Wave with brightness and warmth, akin to the sun.

Mary Zakaryan: Nurturing Unity and Growth through Volunteering

“I am deeply passionate about Armenia, and I endeavor to explore and appreciate its beauty through travel,” shares Mary Zakaryan, a prospective bioengineer from Abovyan.

With a keen interest in art, particularly dance, Mary’s academic pursuits led her to programming, where she could apply her mathematical aptitude.

“Currently, I’m a student at the Faculty of Informatics and Applied Mathematics at the French University in Armenia. I discovered Wave while attending a web programming bootcamp at the Microsoft Innovation Center. Last August, I had the opportunity to participate in Wave’s annual ‘Late Vardavar’ educational camp. This experience solidified my positive opinion of Wave’s initiatives, and I became a member”.

Let us add that Late Vardavar educational camp will be held again this year! It’s a 5-day program where participants from Artsakh and the Diaspora will collaborate on exciting projects. If you’d like to join, the application is available here.

“This initiative gives the youth a great opportunity to develop and develop Armenia. The values that are the basis of human relations and later human success are paramount here,” she says. Mary loves the people of Wave the most. “They are different and interesting personalities who are ready to help anyone in any matter. And, which is the main thing, we have the principle of “one for all, all for one”.

Mary associates Wave initiative with light, faith and struggle.

“In one word, I associate Wave with the phoenix bird, because the people of Wave can be one of the driving forces that will help our country to rise from the ashes and shine,” adds Mary.


The Wave initiative, initiated by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation, offers young individuals opportunities to join various clubs aimed at skill development, networking, and volunteering. With values such as honesty, justice, courage, initiative, persistence, responsibility, and caring at its core, the initiative fosters community engagement and personal growth.

Currently, the initiative hosts 10 clubs covering a wide range of interests, including English, Programming, Media, Non-Formal Education, Space Explorers, Artificial Intelligence, Game Creation, Book Lovers, Olympico, Startups and Entrepreneurship.