Enterprise Incubator Foundation, with its centers and various programs, has been promoting technological education in the regions for a number of years. Every month dozens of new specialists enter the high tech industry thanks to courses organized in different regions of Armenia.

One such event took place in Vanadzor Technology Center on February 17. The certificate awarding ceremony, organized by the Vanadzor branch of the High-Tech Gateway company, united the microelectronic course participants at the VTC.

As a result of the course, 6 participants received the certificates of completion and now have the chance to start a career in the High-Tech Gateway company’s Vanadzor branch.

The course was organized by the support of Vanadzor Technology Center and lasted for 3 months.

The promotion of technological education in the regions of Armenia is one of the top priorities for Enterprise Incubator Foundation. Decentralized tech education leads to the creation of highly qualified specialists who contribute to the development of the regions.