Since its establishment, the Enterprise Incubator Foundation has been promoting the high-tech and science education through creating innovation centers inside Armenian universities. One such center is the Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT (AITC), located at Yerevan State University, providing tech-related courses to students of various ages. 

Recently, the Armenian-Indian Center for Excellence in ICT (AITC) and Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) have announced the next ITeens programming school for pupils.

11 students graduate from AITC and EIF joint summer school

The school offers two courses. The first one is called “Web for Teens”. The course is designed for teens aged 12-17 and will last for 6 months. It’s intended for future Web programmers who want to acquire in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, one of the most popular and in-demand skills in today’s job market. More details are available here.

AITC begins the year with new educational courses

The second one is called “Scratch”. It is designed for 8-11 years old pupils interested in computer games and animations. During the program, students will study the capabilities of the “Scratch” software environment, create their own projects, computer games, and animations. Find out more about the course here.