On February 21, the Vanadzor Technology Center hosted Johanna Michaela Weber, the Project Manager of the EU-ITTD co-founded project of the German International Cooperation Company (GIZ) Armenia.

Ms. Weber took a tour at the VTC, during which she got acquainted with the activities of the center and the companies currently implementing operations in the center. 

The VTC’s management proudly presented the services of the center, which covers the use of effective management systems for small, medium and large enterprises, attracting investments for startups, market positioning, and the developing workforce skills. The higher mission of development of a favorable business environment, technology sphere and progress for technology companies, was also highlighted.

The guest has also participated in the discussion about the priority areas in the region and the steps taken towards the development of the regions. The participants of the discussion highlighted the importance of the regional tech hubs for strengthening the IT community and opening additional workplaces.  

Regional decentralization through high-tech initiatives is one of the main directions of Enterprise Incubator Foundation activities.

Established by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation with the support of Government of Armenia and the World Bank, VTC is aimed at turning Vanadzor into a regional and international high-tech center by creating dynamic environment of opportunities and services that will promote job creation, support talented youth and organizations in implementing innovative business ideas ultimately contributing to the sustainable development of the region.