No matter how hard the year 2020 was, Enterprise Incubator Foundation, with the support of PMI Science, continued the implementation of two essential programs: Faculty Research Funding and PhD Support programs.

Let’s find out last year’s most notable highlights of the PhD Support program.  


The PhD support program, which was dedicated to the memory of the prominent young scientist Hrayr Azizbekyan last year, provides funding and support to young scientists from different institutions of Armenia to carry out their research and scientific projects.

In 2020, 10 talented PhD students from different universities and research institutions received funding from EIF with the support of PMI Science to implement their research projects.

In December 2020, the program’s award ceremony was held. The winners came from areas such as։ Material Science, Biomaterials (bioplastic, bio-ceramic, biopolymers), Toxicology, Electronic Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, Applied Mathematics, Applied and Experimental Physics.

“PhD Support program gave me an opportunity to work in our scientific group at the university on a research project that is close to my heart. In addition, the Program allowed to communicate with other researchers and PhD students in Armenia, to exchange experiences and ideas,” noted Misha Aghamalyan from Faculty of Radiophysics, Yerevan State University.

Recently, on April 28-29, an online conference was initiated, where the fellows of PhD Support program 2020 presented their research projects and the progress they had made so far. The conference was an excellent opportunity both for the fellows and for the community to get to know what kind of topics and problems young scientists try to explore and solve.

Since 2018, 30 PhD students and 45 research teams have been involved in the PhD Support and Faculty Research Funding Programs. You can find more information about the winners here.