No matter how hard the year 2020 was, Enterprise Incubator Foundation, with the support of PMI Science, continued the implementation of two essential programs: Faculty Research Funding and PhD Support programs.   

This blog will emphasize the significance of the Faculty Research Funding program for Armenian science.


Last year 16 research teams from 9 different universities and research institutions received funding from the Enterprise Incubator Foundation with the support of PMI Science to implement their research projects.

The program’s award ceremony was held on December 24 in Engineering City and gathered the community of science pioneers including the winners, representatives from universities and research institutions, as well as the engineering firms.

The main goal of the Faculty Research Funding program is to provide funding and comprehensive support to various research teams to do world-class research in Armenia and achieve significant scientific results.

The main research and scientific directions of the support program are։ Mathematical modeling, Simulation modelling, Technology aided design of systems and experiments, Heating and heat transfer technologies, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Prototyping, Material Science, Analytical chemistry, Biomaterials (bioplastic, bio-ceramic, biopolymers), Aerosol Science, Toxicology, Applied and Experimental Physics, Applied mathematics, Machine learning, AI.

“Thanks to the Faculty research funding program we have been able to find active and prospective EPS thermophilic or/and halophilic producers able to grow on some agriculture wastes and study of biological activities of obtained EPS, which will open new prospects for application of EPSs. Moreover, the support program helped to improve scientific skills of young members of the project and develop bilateral cooperation. We believe that the evaluation of EPS’s biotechnological potency could be a perspective to establish productive dialogue between science and industry,” noted Dr. Hovik Panosyan, Faculty of Biology, Yerevan State University.

In the frame of the Faculty Research Funding program, a series of scientific lectures have been launched since the beginning of the year. During these weekly lectures, the fellows of the program present their research projects, share insights and discuss interesting aspects of various topics. The weekly lectures are open for the community and anyone wishing to attend needs to follow the social media channels of EIF to register.

PhD Support Program 2020 and young scientists

In general, 45 research teams from 19 research institutions and universities have already benefited from the program and demonstrated significant progress in their research over the past three years. You can find more information about the winners of the Faculty Research Funding Program and PhD Support Program here.