Welcome to My EIF series, where we uncover inspiring stories and initiatives of the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) that shape the technological and engineering future of Armenia. 

Established in 2014 in the heart of Gyumri, EIF’s Gyumri Technology Center (GTC) stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology and innovation. Established by EIF, the RA Government, and the World Bank, GTC’s journey began with the ambitious vision of turning Gyumri into a regional and international center of information and high technologies.

GTC: A Regional High-Tech Development Model

As the first regional high-tech development model in Armenia, GTC was conceptualized to catalyze Gyumri’s transformation into a regional and international center of information and high technologies. The collaborative efforts of EIF, the RA Government, and the World Bank laid the foundation for an ambitious vision that sought to leverage technology and innovation for economic growth and community development.

GTC’s Core Beliefs: Convergence of Arts, Science, Engineering, and Technology

At the heart of GTC’s philosophy lies a belief in the convergence of arts, science, engineering, and technology. This unique intersection, where science provides knowledge, engineering ensures stability, technology delivers solutions, and art brings people together, forms the epicenter of innovation. GTC serves as a catalyst for this convergence, providing state-of-the-art facilities, co-working spaces, and a supportive community that transcends disciplinary boundaries.

GTC currently hosts 30 resident companies, ranging from start-ups to renowned IT companies, educational foundations, and non-governmental organizations. This diverse ecosystem fosters collaboration and innovation, reflecting GTC’s commitment to providing physical spaces and a dynamic community that nurtures creativity and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

High-Quality Education and Community Engagement

One of GTC’s distinguishing features is its emphasis on high-quality education. The center offers many courses beyond imparting job skills, focusing on nurturing essential soft skills for personal and professional growth. GTC’s commitment to education is not confined to traditional classroom settings; it actively engages with the community through events, workshops, and educational programs.

The center’s multifaceted approach includes professional orientation workshops, soft skills training, language courses, and mentorship programs. GTC’s annual and ongoing events attract the community, creating a space for young individuals to express themselves beyond stereotypes, develop creativity, gain necessary skills, and become part of a larger community with shared values.

Vol2 Youth Initiative: Fostering Leadership Skills

A standout initiative at GTC is the Vol2 Youth Initiative, which has played a crucial role in empowering young individuals, fostering leadership skills, and providing a platform for innovative thinking. Through this initiative, participants engage in various educational, cultural, and leadership programs, contributing significantly to their personal growth and the betterment of their communities.

Moreover, the success of GTC’s students in grant projects is a testament to the quality of education and mentorship provided at the center. Their active participation in these projects highlights their academic prowess and underscores their commitment to social responsibility and community engagement.

Driving Regional Development through Initiatives

GTC’s impact extends beyond its immediate surroundings through specific projects that directly benefit the youth in the region. Two notable initiatives, “UPSHIFT Gyumri” and “Gamechangers: girls for girls,” exemplify GTC’s commitment to equipping adolescents and young women with technical and soft skills. These initiatives actively involve participants in community development, fostering a sense of empowerment and preparing them for opportunities in the job market.

  1. UPSHIFT Gyumri: Launched from June 2021 to February 2022, UPSHIFT Gyumri aimed to equip adolescents and young people aged 12-24, including those with disabilities, with technical and soft skills. The program empowered participants to actively engage in their communities and prepare for opportunities in the job market. The initiative comprised the cultivation of soft skills and technical training in areas like web programming, graphic design, animation, and quality assurance. Notably, UPSHIFT Gyumri impacted the lives of 77 participants, including 20 with diagnosed disabilities and 57 from socially vulnerable groups.
  2. Gamechangers: girls for girls: Implemented from March 2023 to July 2023, “Gamechangers: girls for girls” was a hybrid educational bootcamp addressing the lack of representation and diversity in the game development industry. The program actively involved and empowered young women to become active participants in shaping the industry’s future. Spanning the Shirak, Lori, and Syunik regions, the bootcamp featured online training sessions, offline mentorship sessions, and practical mentorship. The program resulted in 77 graduates and the creation of 11 game concepts by 11 teams.
  3. ArtBox Hub: Transforming Spaces into Vibrant Cultural Hubs: As a recipient of the ArtBox Hub grant, GTC is embarking on an exciting journey to transform its space into a dynamic cultural hub. The program spans eight weeks and is tailored for cultural institutions and organizations, offering them an opportunity to revitalize their strategies and spaces into vibrant cultural hubs that serve their communities. Participants collaborate with esteemed mentors and renowned cultural leaders from international institutions, working towards rejuvenating their venues, expanding audience engagement, and establishing accessible and dynamic cultural centers. As a culmination of the program, three institutions, including GTC, are chosen to receive a €50,000 grant and branding support to bring their visions to life.

GTC’s Vision for Gyumri: Interactive Media and Game Industry

GTC’s ambition extends beyond its immediate impact, envisioning the transformation of Gyumri, the cultural/art capital of Armenia, into the capital of the Interactive Media and Game Industry. This ambitious goal aims to bring together technology, artistic approaches, and the younger generation through collaborative projects. By actively engaging with the industry, supported by the youth, GTC seeks to drive regional and national development, creating positive change in sectors like poverty reduction, education improvement, enhanced working conditions, and boosted economic growth.

Fostering Sustainable and Inclusive Futures

GTC’s holistic approach aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reflecting its commitment to creating a more sustainable and inclusive future for the community and region it serves. The center actively collaborates with partners to form alliances for sustainable development, ensuring that its efforts contribute to overarching societal goals.

GTC as a Cultural Hub: Bridging Communities through Technology

The expansion of GTC into the realm of interactive media and technological innovations opens doors to a myriad of opportunities. Beyond its role as a technological hub, GTC positions itself as a cultural hub, fostering a rich tapestry of diverse perspectives, art forms, and cultural exchanges. This initiative bridges different communities, promoting understanding, appreciation, and celebration of various cultures.

By incorporating modern technologies and mediums, such as interactive media, GTC aims to breathe new life into Gyumri’s rich cultural heritage. This could involve digital archives, interactive exhibitions, virtual tours, or multimedia storytelling platforms that engage audiences in immersive experiences, showcasing Gyumri’s history, art, and culture in innovative ways.


The Enterprise Incubator Foundation’s Gyumri Technology Center is a powerful catalyst for innovation, empowerment, and positive change. Its collaborative journey with EIF, coupled with Gyumri’s resilience, embodies the transformative force of technology in fostering economic growth and community development. GTC’s commitment to education, community engagement, and impactful initiatives symbolizes progress and inclusivity. Evolving beyond physical boundaries, GTC shapes Gyumri’s future as a model for sustainable and inclusive development—a true hub for empowerment, creativity, and limitless possibilities.

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