“Data Science in Business” master’s program, operated in YSU’s Faculty of Economics and Management and San Jose State University’s Data Analytics (MS) program have announced the launch of cooperation, initiated by Enterprise Incubator Foundation, Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center (ISTC), Yerevan State University, San Jose State University with the support of PMI Science.

The joint program will enable 2-4 selected students of YSU to continue studies at San Jose State University’s Data Analytics (MS) program.

Selected students will be awarded a dual diploma from YSU and the San Jose State University, as well as the opportunity to pursue a paid internship at one of the many Silicon Valley institutions with which San Jose State University has employment contracts. Upon completion of the program, the Armenian students will return to Armenia and be involved in joint research works of YSU and San Jose State University.

The cooperation between the two programs was announced on December 24, 2019, in ISTC.

As one of the key contributors to technological advancement in Armenia, the Enterprise Incubator Foundation has been actively involved throughout all phases of project implementation, viewing it as a strengthening factor for Armenia’s high-tech education through the establishment of close partnerships with international universities.

According to Bagrat Yengibaryan, Director of Enterprise Incubator Foundation, in the modern world, the management of economies and businesses undergo global changes, resulting in new, bold and literate approaches based on data collection and analysis.

“While researching the education programs of San Jose State University and other leading universities, it can be seen that programs of modern economy solve completely different problems, while their successful solutions will contribute to the development of economy and business. The world’s leading universities are also responsive to changes in business sector programs by updating their educational curriculum. San Jose State University’s Data Analytics (MS) program is a bright example of it,” said Bagrat Yengibaryan.

It’s been already 3 years that “Data Science in Business” master’s program proves that it is possible to create an educational model that is not isolated from the business environment and the labor market.

Professors of Yerevan State University and San Jose State University develop joint Master program with EIF support 

The best 5 students and the representatives of YSU “Data Science in Business” master’s program, as well as the representatives of Enterprise Incubator Foundation and ISTC visited San Jose State University in April 2019.

Let us add that every year around 20 master ’s degree students receive scholarships from PMI Science.