One of the most significant resources for positive “change” is youth potential. The scope of that transformation can range from a small group of friends to a town and a place of living. Recognizing the importance of youth’s potential in community development projects, the growth of one’s hometown, and improving one’s quality of life, the Enterprise Incubator Foundation and Gyumri Technology Center, in the framework of the Armenia Workforce Development Activity. established the Vol. 2 youth initiative approximately a year and a half ago.

From the start to the present, more than 100 young people from the regions have begun implementing numerous projects, competed in various contests to turn their ideas into actions to solve societal problems, and actively shared their ideas.

This year too new members have joined the Vol.2 youth volunteer initiative in Shirak region of Armenia after the evaluation of the team tasks, submitted by a group of young people who applied to the initiative in 2023.

EIF facilitates youth engagement in marzes through volunteer initiative Vol.2

The tasks for the applicants were to create plans for possible youth events and educational seminars that would contribute to youth engagement in Shirak, the creation of equal opportunities for development, and the implementation of youth initiatives in communities. The young people who submitted the best plans were included in Vol. 2 as new superheroes.

The initiative is not limited to only one region. The process of “rejuvenation” is expanding, as Vol.2 also operates in the Lori region, and now, it is the turn of young people in the Syunik region to develop and transform their communities through this volunteer program. A volunteer group will be created in Syunik at the initiative of GTC to organize collective youth efforts for the implementation of regional programs and the consolidation of local youth.

One of the main motivations for bringing Vol.2 to Syunik was the “Gamechangers. Girls for Girls” program, implemented by UNICEF and EIF in cooperation with Gyumri and Vanadzor Technology Centers. The program was a wonderful opportunity for girls to learn skills as well as discover and prove their abilities and potential. Thanks to the work and creative thinking of youngsters, it is possible to create a “youthful” environment in Syunik with and for young people.

If you want to get involved in improving the quality of life in your community and implementing youth programs, hurry up and register!